by Estriole			
 1) suikoden like equip rune mechanism
 2) we can create runes that exclusive to certain actor
 3) we can set starting runes for actor/class/subclass
 4) we can set sealed rune slot for actor/class/subclass
 5) by combining 3) and 4) we got fixed rune in certain slot
 6) can make certain rune only able to equip in certain slot 
    (ex: blue gate only at head slot)
 7) extendable slots (for one who want to use it other than suikoden rune system)
    we can make equipping 'medal', 'artefact', etc whatever you want.
 8) custom rune slot for actor/class/subclass
 9) manual position set for rune window in battle (for compatibility purpose)
 10) can have rune attach / remove cost
How to Use
read the script header


Credit and Thanks
- Estriole				
Author Note
Free to use in all project
(except the one containing pornography)
as long as i credited (ESTRIOLE)

One thought on “EST – SUIKODEN RUNE

  1. Jhin says:

    Hello there!!

    I’m using your script and it works amazingly well.

    I would like to know how to print the name of the rune that is equipped on the first slot.

    Thank you!

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